Earn rewards for being AWESOME!

Earn KFO Cash (Points) for various activities such as contest participation, keeping teeth fresh and clean, and for social engagement.

2 Points: Nothing loose or broken
2 Points: "So fresh and so clean"- clean braces and teeth
2 Points: ''Rubber band Rockstar" - wearing rubber bands full time
2 Points: Happy Camper - have a positive attitude at your appointments
2 Points: Check in on Facebook
10 Points Each: Like us on Facebook and follow us on lnstagram
15 Points: Visit your dentist for your regular cleaning
30 Points Each: Leave an awesome review on Google/Facebook
250 Points: Refer a friend who starts treatment with braces or clear aligners

Use your points to redeem for cool prizes!

Redeem your rewards every 40 points to receive gift cards to:
HeyDay, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Cinemark

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